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The Star-Spangled Banner The words of "The Star Spangled Banner" were written b...     Download  Report 

John Stafford Smith
it about 1780.
Was detained on board one ofthe British ships which attacked Fort McHenry. All n...


There Is Power In The Blood     Download  Report 

(Words And Music By Lewis E. Jones, 1899)
Arrangement by: Kirk Warren kirkandbetsy [at]
The printout looks best with the "Print scale adjustment" set to 80% and 4 measu...


The Lord Is Our Trust     Download  Report 

Will M. Maupin, 1921
Source: Wonder Hymns of Faith, by Charles R. Scofille, W. E. M. Hackleman & J. E...


House Of The Rising Sun     Download  Report 

TablEdit By: Larry Kuhns lakuhns [at] (2004)
Houce Of The Rising Sun Traditional There is a house in New Orleans, They call ...


L EÇON №81,     Download  Report 

Julio S. Sagreras (1879-1942) Rév. Pierre P.-Schneider
Accord standard :
extraite de Las Primeras Lecciones de Guitarra. 8 1 Β II 2 a a i m a a i m a a ...


Go no more a-roving     Download  Report 

Esmeralda Weatherwax lyrics by Lord Byron (1788 1824)
(May 2002) more of Byron's stuff can be found at: http: b... Copyright information (must read!)


12th Street Rag     Download  Report 

Based On A Power Tab Arrangement By Uno Hoo
Arranged andTablEdited by Michael Joyce, michaeljoyce [at] hotmai...
This tune was sent to me by John "Bigfingers" Vorasky as a Power Tab arrangement...


Jean-Antoine de Baïf     Download  Report 

Mis en musique par Claude Le Jeune, Jacques Mauduit et Eustache Du Caurroy
Jean-Antoine de Baïf Les psaumes en vers mesurés Mis en musique par Claude Le ...


IAmaChildofGod     Download  Report 

"IAmaChildofGod" NaomiWardRandall (Text); MildredTannerPettit(Music) ArrangedbyJ...


Go Tell Your Story to Jesus     Download  Report 

Daniel S. Twohig, 1922
Source: Wonder Hymns of Faith, by Charles R. Scoville, W. E. M.Hackleman & J. E....

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