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Hallelujah% <      Download  Report 

Nº 42.Chorus (vocal parts only) ,
George Frederic Handel (1685-1759) edited by Paco Marmol & Manolo Casaus, <


Daystar     Download  Report 

Steve Richardson 1988
Steve Richardson, 1988 Shine Down On Me Larry Johnson, 2011


IAN KEITH HARRIS     Download  Report 

A CONSORT OF CAROLS Oboe Consort EN 008 Ian Keith Harris (1935-) Australian comp...


Echo Music by Andrew Miller 2. Come back in tears 4. Come back in dreams Echo, o...     Download  Report 

P oem by Christina Rosetti 1. Come to me 3. O dream how sweet through the afterl...


NotWe orthy Composer Scriptorium     Download  Report 

Page 1 of 160
Friday, February 8, 2013
CatalogueofScoresin Not e Wo rthy Composer Format heldonthe Scriptorium NoteWort...


All That I Need     Download  Report


Giffen-OMotherMaryoftheCross     Download  Report 

O Mother Mary of the Cross Hymn to St. Mary of the Cross (Mary MacKillop)
Words: Veronica Brandt (b. 1979)
M AC K ILLOP (Long Metre) Music: Charles H. Giffen (b. 1940) Words copyright © ...


Viri Galilaei SSATTB a cappella     Download  Report 

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Copyright © 2001 by the Choral Public Domain Library (http: Editi...


We’ll Understand It Better By and By     Download  Report 

Charles Albert Tindley, 1905
Source: Songs of Faith and Triumph No. 3, by J. Lincoln Hall et al. (Philadelphi...


Craw 187 (1801 1803)     Download  Report 

Jan Ladislav Dussek (Dusík) (1760 1812)
d i t e i b h r o p n t i o u
t r i b i s d r e d n a t r i n p r e l i a r c e m m o c – ) e s n e l i c s ...

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