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fromthefamouspeakofderbyS     Download  Report 

FromthefamouspeakofDerby RobertJohnson TheMusical Companion, v.2 (1672), p.88. R...


BrumelMProDefunctis     Download  Report 

Antoine Brumel 1460 ca. 1512 Missa Pro Defunctis MissaProDefunctis AntoineBrumel...


Famous Last Words     Download  Report


From the famous peak of Derby Robert Johnson     Download  Report 

John Playford, The Musical Companion, v.2 (1672), p. 88. Realized and encoded by...


lg-131012483146466368     Download  Report 

When We're Famous Melody (And Pigs Might Fly!) Andrew Ryland When We're Famous C...


The Famous Darbysheire Hornpipe     Download  Report 

S:Wright 1713N:you might think the last note of strains 4 should be C but wright...


The Women in the Garden     Download  Report 

by Vivian Fine
Full Score
Chamber Opera cantando 20 2 25 3 4 = = 5 6 65 (to Emily) 7 8 Poco più mosso = 6...


Recuerdos De La Alhambra     Download  Report 

Francisco Tárrega (Public Domain)
Fingered by Ted McKown; Tabledited by michaeljoyce [at] hotmail.c...
Updated Measures 14 and 15. I got sloppy copying my manuscript into TE. Please a...


Dumbarton Drums     Download  Report 

S:Loose sheet in my collection (possibly from RSCDS)Z:Nigel GathererS:Flowers, R...


23ifalltheagesoftheearthS     Download  Report 

If all the ages of the earth Poem by Ben Jonson
Alfonso Ferrabosco II Ayres (1609), #23. Entabulated and edited by Sarge Gerbode...

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