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What Poor Astronomers (Ayre : England : 1603) SATB     Download  Report 

John Dowland (1563-6126)
May be used for any choral purpose. Reproduction authorized with copyright notic...


Raglan Road     Download  Report 

Con brio crotchet=132
2 3 Verse 3 4 Verse 4 5 6


GreensleevesAcc-a4     Download  Report 

Greensleeves for Standard BassAccordion Traditional am Public Domain Sheet music...


Lir-7     Download  Report 

Jay Hamilton Jay Hamilton
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 You are free: * to copy, distribute, d...


Romanza De Los Pinos     Download  Report 

F. Moreno Torroba Arranged By Howard Heitmeyer
TablEdited by Larry Kuhns (2010)


Batooque     Download  Report 

Composed & Arranged By Howard Heitmeyer
TablEdited by Larry Kuhns (2011)
Notation & Tablature General :: 0.35 0.07 Notation General :: .0.35 0.07


Makedonsko devojèe     Download  Report 

F:http: tune 1638N:Jutta Weber tells me this is ...


Heinlein, 77.77     Download  Report 

Nürnbergisches Gesangbuch, 1676
Source: Hymns Ancient and Modern, standard edition (Norfolk, England: The Canter...


"St. James' Infirmary"     Download  Report 

Traditional (Blues)
Arranged by: W.J. Hughes 1984 Tabbed In TablEdit by: Steve J. McWilliam 1998
A Tape and Tab Club (T'n'T) Arrangement (Tape 'n' Tab Club) St. James' Infirmary...


Dixie     Download  Report 

Dixie AdaptedbyCollin Coe Dan Emmet(1815-1904) File may befreely copied and dist...

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