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III. A boneca partida     Download  Report 

João Camacho
Copyright © João Camacho 2009 “Os Álbuns da Miudagem Vol....


alle-pol     Download  Report 

Polly Wants A Cracker originally published 1873
Words by George Cooper
Chester G. Allen


staedy as goes     Download  Report 

staedy as goes 2 50 3


score     Download  Report 

Change the World For SA and Piano
Lyrics by Jack Lopuszynski
Change the World For SA and Piano Lyrics by Jack Lopuszynski Jack Lopuszynski Co...


BYRD-OCU     Download  Report 

Oculiomnium WilliamByrd(c.1540-1623) 2 3 4 5 The eyes ofallhope inthee, O Lord, ...


FranzSchubert     Download  Report 

transcription O rfeo M andozzi
"A rpeggione"Sonate in a-m ollD 821 fürG itarren-Violoncell ThisEdition isbased...


IntotheTwilight     Download  Report 

IntotheTwilight poemW. B. Yeats 1893; musicPeterBird2005 Copyright© 2005 byGeor...


Perotin     Download  Report 

This is the famous "Sederunt" of Perotin.
Sederunt I have given each part its proper name; Tenor, Duplum, Triplum, and Qua...érotin)


A Taste of Christmas     Download  Report 

Marc Sabatela Wendy Fopeano
Med. straight 8ths
Copyright © 2011 Marc Sabatella F E G C  2 Copyright © 2011 Marc Saba...


BYRD-GAU     Download  Report 

GaudeMaria WilliamByrd(c.1540-1623) ©DavidFraser2009 20 2 3 4 Partofmycomplete ...

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