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Stabat Mater     Download  Report 

Manoel Dias de Oliveira? (1734 1813)
Stabat Mater Tenor Manoel Dias de Oliveira? (1734 1813) ©Edição de Rafael Sal...


Volver     Download  Report 

Carlos Gardel Alfredo Le Pera
Adaptación: Coral Polifónica “Ciudad de Marbella” Copyright information (must read!)


Hand Me Down the Tackle Pure Drop, The Reidy Johnson's     Download  Report 

Disc. : Frankie Gavin: Frankie Goes to Town Noel Hill & Tony McMahon: “ gCnoc ...


Charpentier Douze noëls variés pour l’orgue , Œuvre XIII, Paris (v. 1775).     Download  Report 

Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet-Charpentier (1734 1794)
6. Noëldans le gout de la Simphonie Concertante Où s’en vont ces gais berger...


An Phis Fhliuch Wet Pussy, The Choice Wife, The Perfect Wife, The Virgin Mary O'...     Download  Report 

Disc. : Willie Clancy: The Pipering of Willie Clancy 2. Davy Spillane: Atlantic ...


Trip to Durrow, The     Download  Report 

Disc. : Noel Hill: The Irish Concertina Transc. : id:hn-reel-249 Rhythm : reel


Old Concertina Reel     Download  Report 

Disc. : Patrick Street 1. Noel Hill & Tony McMahon: I gCnoc na Grai. Transc. : i...


Filthy McNasty     Download  Report 

Horace Silver Arr. Barrett
2 3 4 5 6 C7 7 8 35 A. Sax. B  Tpt. B  Tpt. Trb. Pno. El. B. 8 9


Home Ruler, The Daniel O'Connell, The Home Ruler      Download  Report 

Frank McCollum of Ballycastle
Disc. : Noel Hill & Tony Linnane Transc. : id:hn-hornpipe-10 Rhythm : hornpipe


Cisne-004Trp1     Download  Report 

CISNE BRANCO – Trompete I Sib CISNE BRANCO Música: Antonino Manoel do E. San...

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