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Non al suo amante più Diana piacque     Download  Report 

Petrarch, Canzonier LII
Luca Marenzio (c.1553-1599) Typeset by Allen Garvin (aurvondel [at]


Bernardo Pasquini     Download  Report 

Opere per organo o cembalo dal manoscritto MSDD53 della Biblioteca del Civico Mu...
o Toccata 2 tuono o Toccata 5 tuono o Toccata 8 tuono
o o Ricercare p. 2. tuono o Ricercare 2. tuono o Sonata 7 p. tuono a A cura di L...


Angelus ad pastores ait     Download  Report 

Nikolaus Zangius 1570-1619
Generalis ┌ (b) ┐ 5 5 3 6 6 5 4 2 7 6 3 Edition may be freely distributed, d...


Luca Marenzio     Download  Report 

Luca Marenzio Madrigali à quattro voci Edited by Allen Garvin Tenore (alto clef...


score     Download  Report 

Arr: T.H IndianaJones


3. Mascherata di Villanelle     Download  Report 

Adriano Banchieri (1567-1634)
NWC copy by Chris Lee Swoop


madtom     Download  Report 

Gray'sInnMask fromtheEnglishDancingMaster,1651 Publ.byJohnPlayford(1623-1686) ti...


modesta-canto     Download  Report 

Andantino,cantabile,expresivo. Cantoalavida 2 copió:gregorypino [at]


The Love I Bear to Thee     Download  Report 

Written and Composed by Stephen C. Foster
Edited by Robert A. Hudson
©1863 The Love I Bear to Thee 2 The Love I Bear to Thee 3


Colorado in Spring     Download  Report 

Diana Rutherford
2 3

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