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IMSLP269979-PMLP06710-HoffmannDollAriahp     Download  Report 

"Les oiseaux dans la charmille" (the Doll Aria) from Contes d'Hoffmann
Offenbach Typeset by Ryan Teynor. Source: Kalmus reprint ofthe full score comple...


FischerEratoAllemande-let     Download  Report 

Muse of poetry Erato Allemande
J. K. F. Fischer Muse of poetry, erotic poetry in particular (Erato) Public Doma...


Vezzosi Augelli infra le verdi fronde     Download  Report 

Tarquato Tasso, Gerusalemme Liberata Canto XVI ottava XII Canto (part 1 of 5)
Giaches de Wert (1535-1596) L'Ottavo Libro de Madrigali à 5 (Venice, 1586) ra. ...


To God be the Glory     Download  Report 

F. Crosby (1820–1915) and refrain
W. H. Doane (1832–1915) Mutopia-2002 02 26-195 This music is part of the Mutop...


SchubertF-D899-1-Impromptu-a4     Download  Report 

♫ Franz Schubert:Impromptu in c-moll (D 899-1) ♫ 1 Impromptu in c-moll D 899...


L'Homme Armé     Download  Report 

r fol. 3
1 L'Homme Armé r fol. 3 Josquin des Prez (c.1450-1521) Canti B numero cinquanta...


C Whole Tone Scales     Download  Report 

Rickey Lummus
TablEdited by Rickey Lummus Sept. 2004 arr: by Rickey Lummus
This is one of 15 Scale pattern tabs, each one a different type. You can transpo...


LVBSonate02no11-let     Download  Report 

Piano Sonate Opus 2 No 1 (1st Movement) LudwigVan Beethoven Public Domain 2 3 4 ...


ValvasensiConcerti-let     Download  Report 

Lazaro Girolamo Valvasensi (1585-1661) Brevi concerti ecclesiastici 1620 Creativ...


bwv600-a4     Download  Report 

Gott durch deine Güte oder Gottes Sohn istkommen Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 600 ...

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