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BYRD-EC3     Download  Report 

Ecce quambonum Primapars WilliamByrd(c.1540-1623) 2 3 4 Text: Psalm 132. III.75:...


The First Time I Loved Forever     Download  Report 

Lee Holdrige
Abner De Guzman
2 Aah 3 4 5 pm pm pm 6


IMSLP259574-PMLP420933-carbajo-mersenne10-2006-pf     Download  Report 

MERSENNE X for Piano
Esatto q = 60 sempre
Víctor Carbajo 6:4 6:4 ) The beam “ ” will always has a halfnote ( h ) dura...


From the OVERTURE     Download  Report 

PATIENCE Pianoforte Selection with Lyrics
PATIENCE Pianoforte Selection with Lyrics Arthur Sullivan arr. Albert Marland W....


As Long As You Love Me Wide Awake An SSAA A Capella Arrangement Arranged by Ada...     Download  Report 

Original Arrangement by THE PENTATONIX
CHARLIE BOLLING 2012 2012 2 2012 3


score     Download  Report 

Always and Forever I Promise
Always and Forever I Promise Lady Gwendolyn Maestoso 2


The Noslur. 1st. movement from 'A Bowing Collection' (A fre...     Download  Report 

Mike Nelson
Note All sections begin
with a down bow if an up bow is not indicated. Subtly Staccato


Rejoice in the Lord     Download  Report 

John Sheppard (c1515-1563)
Tenor Recorder 1
Tenor Recorder 2 Rejoice in the Lord John Sheppard (c1515-1563) men, Amen. Amen....


lob-ave2     Download  Report 

Ave Regina coelorum (Votive antiphon , from Christmas to the Purification)
from Liber primus missarum ... Madrid, 1602 Hail, Queen of heaven; hail, Mistres...
Alonso Lobo ( c1555 1617 arr D G) M q=96 3


SONGS FOR REBECCA For Voice and Piano     Download  Report 

MARK ALBURGER Op. 34 (1988)
I. Spiral II. Danger III. Aves IV. Called V. Turning
SONGS FOR REBECCA For Voice and Piano I. Spiral II. Danger III. Aves IV. Called ...

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