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201     Download  Report 

1-Close your eyes, make a wish, and though I'll gain the light for tonight it is...


Marc-Antoine Charpentier     Download  Report 

Antiennes O de l'Avent Noëls sur les instruments
ca 1690-1693 Urtext Mélanges autographes, volume 5, feuillets 22 à 33, volume ...


LivredeMusique (1682)     Download  Report 

NicolasGigault (1625?1707)
8. Estant CesarAuguste (À 2p.) © Les Éditions Outremontaises 2012


The Choice Wife     Download  Report 

D:Willie Clancy: The Pipering of Willie Clancy 2.D:Davy Spillane: Atlantic Bridg...


Chattering Magpie, The     Download  Report 

Disc. : Paul McGrattan: The Frost Is All Over Noel Hill & Tony McMahon: � gC...


Morgen (One More Sunrise)     Download  Report 

Peter Mosser
Peter Mosser(Ger.) Noel Sherman(Eng.)
Morgen One More Sunrise Noel Sherman(Eng.)Peter Mosser(Ger.)


An Phis Fhliuch The Choice Wife     Download  Report 

Disc. : Willie Clancy: The Pipering of Willie Clancy 2. Davy Spillane: Atlantic ...


Meu Velho Amigo     Download  Report 

Letra : Chico Buarque de Hollanda Musica : Baden Powell
Arr: João Alberto
Meu Velho Amigo Arr: João Alberto Letra : Chico Buarque de Hollanda Musica : Ba...


Pietà, Signore! for Solo Tenor & Wind Ensemble (Original in d)     Download  Report 

Anonymous Arr. Michel Rondeau
Piccolo Andantino e legato q = 62
© 2011 Gatineau,Qc.Ca.


Miko ł aj Ziele ń ski     Download  Report 

Double Chorus Motet for the Feast ofSt. Stephen
Elegerunt Apostoli Edited by David Millard Éditions Doulce Mémoire 2 Elegerunt...

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