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Glória ao Rei que vos nasceu!( (Hark! the herald angels sing)      Download  Report 

Trnascrição: J. R. S. 1.999
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847) .
Staff #1 (Sopranos) Bar 1   
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Cedan 1'antiche tue chiare vittorie     Download  Report 

Luca Marenzio (1553 1599)
Cedan l'antiche Marenzio 1 2 Cedan l'antiche Marenzio 3 4 5 6 7 8 Marenzio 9 10 ...
Staff #3 (Alto I Alto II) Bar 50   
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CC     Download  Report 

Tarquino Merula (1594 5-1665) Transcribed for flutes by Don Simons
© 2013 PCH Publishing c Non-commercial copying encouraged www . pchpublish . co...
Staff #1 (Canto primo) Bar 36   
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A Christmas Medley     Download  Report 

Lorenzo Granado
84 b B  Cl.
Staff #1 (B  Clarinet) Bar 24   
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Sequence     Download  Report 

Staff #1 (*Name) Bar 1   
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reginaprincesa     Download  Report 

Salve, ReginaPrincesa Anónimo s.XVI (Edición:J.Blasco,2010) http: www.coralhil...
Staff #1S Bar 14   
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Es ist leider zu beklagen     Download  Report 

"Es istn
Es ist leider zu beklagen "Unser Herrscher, unser König", (Opening: Verse 3, En...
Staff #5 (Soprano) Bar 17   
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lg-359284608295276843     Download  Report 

O süßer Mond Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor Otto Nicolai
Staff #2 (Alto) Bar 15   
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The King shall rejoice No.5: Alleluja     Download  Report 

G F Handel
Staff #3 (2nd Alto) Bar 4   
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Los esclavos felices (1820) Obertura     Download  Report 

Copyright © 1998 by Ramon Pajares Box All Rights Reserved
Juan C. de Arriaga (1806-1826) By Juan C. de Arriaga, known as the Spanish Mozar...
Staff #1 (Flauta 1) Bar 351   
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Staff #2 (Flauta 2) Bar 351   
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Staff #5 (Clarinete 1 en Si b) Bar 350   
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Staff #6 (Clarinete 2 en Si b) Bar 352   
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