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Solace A Mexican Serenade     Download  Report 

Scott Joplin (1909)
Arr: Tom Thomason (1977) TablEdited: Tom Thomason (1998) Updated and optimized f...
Written by Joplin in 1909, this piece makes lovely use of tango-like Habañera ...


lg-377931665961387694     Download  Report


Rolling in the Deep Adele     Download  Report 

Arranged by Justin Arends
2012 See how I leave with every piece of you oo oo Don't un der est i mate the t...


Some Nights     Download  Report 

2 doot doot doot doot 3 4 5 6 7 know 8 9 1 1 Oh oh 12 13


I Haven't Got the Words (Echo's Song)     Download  Report 

Words & Music Iain Gilmour
Iain Gilmour Iain Gilmour 2 Iain Gilmour 3 Iain Gilmour 4 5 Iain Gilmour 6


lg-592749641821417884     Download  Report 

I Remember That Prefab Sprout transcribed by Martin Gerup 25 june 2013,


lg-233005731181159928     Download  Report 

(As played by John Coltrane) Billy Strayhorn Lush Life © 1949 Tempo Music


IMSLP278312-PMLP451847-OvalPortraitFS     Download  Report 

The Oval Portrait a dance-cantata for baritone solo, choir by Edward Lambert
The Oval Portrait a dance-cantata for baritone solo, choir by Edward Lambert and...


Clearing the Slate     Download  Report 

Music by Damian Sims Lyrics by Damian Sims


C Whole Tone Scales     Download  Report 

Rickey Lummus
TablEdited by Rickey Lummus Sept. 2004 arr: by Rickey Lummus
This is one of 15 Scale pattern tabs, each one a different type. You can transpo...

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