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06lamanteconsolatoVT     Download  Report 

6.L'amanteconsolato BarbaraStrozzi


Letras a due para Navidades Narciso Duran     Download  Report 

Barbara choir book (1813). Arranged and encoded by Sarge Gerbode.


Barbara R.T.McOwen’s Hello     The site owner forbids direct download  Report .


1200A4     Download  Report 

Helge Bol Sechs Improvisationen fürGitarre foracoustic guitar copy-us 1200 Copy...


09lavendettaVT     Download  Report 

9.Lavendetta BarbaraStrozzi


2. Gloria in excelsis Deo de la misa Gaude Barbara     Download  Report 

Cristóbal de Morales (c.1500-1553)
Roma 1544, Lyon 1552
Edited by Nancho Alvarez htt p : toma sl uisdevicto ria . o rg 2 Gaude Barbara 2...


Barbara Strozzi     Download  Report 

Hor che Apollo Serenata for Soprano, two violins and Continuo from Arie, op. 8 H...


Dedicata a sua A: R:     Download  Report 

L’ Isola Disabitata Azion e Teatrale i n du e Parti i l seri n issi mo Pri nci...
Joseph Haydn
RI D UZI O N E PE R CANTO E PIAN O FO RTE A cu ra di Thomas Busse 2007 2008 L' I...


Planxty Barbara Denz     The site owner forbids direct download  Report 

© Paul Gitlitz 2011


013missagaudebarbaramoralesVT     Download  Report 

11. Missa gaude Barbara a 3 (Cristóbal de Morales)
Miguel de Fuenllana Orphenica Lyra (1554), v.1, f.7. Encoded and edited by Sarge...

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