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Lord, Let Me Know Mine End Number 6 of Six Songs of Farewell     Download  Report 

Charles Hubert H. Parry
Psalm XXXIX, V.V. 5-15 Editor: John Henry Fowler Revision: 11 12 2005
Dedicated to H. P. Allen, Mus. Doc. and the Oxford Bach Choir 3 span long. 5 6 7...,_let_me_know_mine_end_(Charles_Hubert_Hastings_Parry)


To Frederick Brandeis Esq. ofNew York     Download  Report 

John Rogers Thomas
Duration = 2: 12
I’ve Loved Thee Long William Downing Evans affetuoso [ = 120] poco rit. I’ve...


Wolfgang Amadé     Download  Report 

Mozart original text in Italian by Luca Bianchini free tran...


M vm t.II:M eas.69-11 2 M vm t.IV:M eas.171-211 A boutThisPiece     Download  Report 

ackstage Dm isney and Carnation Plaz In A pril2012,Iw entto California w ith y s...
M vm t.I:M eas.1-68 M vm t.III:M eas.113-170
A rr.byA lexisM ilam and getting to perform in D isneyland w asa dream com e tru...


TWelFTh SUnDAY     Download  Report 

Ps 28 (27): 8, 9
230 TWelFTh SUnDAY inTroiT Dominusfortitudoplebissuæ Ps 28 (27): 8, 9 Psalm 28 ...


march 19     Download  Report 

inTroiT Iustus utpalma
357 march 19 SAinTJoSeph inTroiT Iustus utpalma Ps 92 (91): 13, 14 , * High , mo...


075 Morality     Download  Report 

MORALITY. 10S. 75 White & Davisson. GMajor. Hannah More.


LENTEN SEASON     Download  Report 

inTroiT Misereris omnium
55 LENTEN SEASON ASh WeDneSDAY inTroiT Misereris omnium Wis 11: 24-25, 27 Psalm ...


FEASTS AND SOLEMNITIES     Download  Report 

Ps 48 (47): 10, 11
352 FEASTS AND SOLEMNITIES February 2 preSenTATion oF The lorD inTroiT Suscepimu...


Raving Beauty     Download  Report 

© 2011
Raving Beauty t on poetry of Jessica Hornik April9th, 2011, in cooordination wit...

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