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Requiem Mass     Download  Report 

made available under a Creative Commons Attribution license http: creativecommon...
Requiem Mass for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Flute, Viola, Horn, Bassoon, and Or...


Walking in the Good Old Way     Download  Report 

Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby, 1897
Source: Songs of Love and Praise, 1897, published by John Hood. Also in Redempti...


Jesu, Salvator mundi     Download  Report 

Menegali (circa 1700)


By Grace I Will     Download  Report 

Eliza Edmunds Stites Hewitt, 1888
Source: Redemption Songs, edited by John R. Sweney, William J. Kirkpatrick, and ...


Adoramus te, Jesu Christe     Download  Report 

Jacobus Gallus ( 1550-1591 )
Jacob Handl (1550-1591) Copyright © 2000 by the Choral Public Domain Library (...


Passio Sacra     Download  Report 

Fran(ciscus De Ana) Vene(tus) ( 1460? 1 503)
Lamentationum Jeremie prophete Liber I Venetijs, O. Petrutium Forosempr., 1 506 ... 2 . 3'Ana)


Let the Song Go Round the Earth     Download  Report 

Sarah Geraldine Stock, 1898
Source: Hymnal for American Youth, edited by H. Augustine Smith (New York: The C...


O God of peace and pardoning love     Download  Report 

Samuel Chapple
p235, Thomas Hawkes, A Collection of Tunes, Watchet: (1 833)
This edition by Edmund Gooch released into the public domain, June 201 3. Ashbur...


VENI REDEMPTOR GENTIUM     Download  Report 

arm. J.S. Bach (1685 1750) corale "Nun komm der Heiden Heiland", BWV 62
Inno ambrosiano per il tempo di Avvento Testo e melodia di base: S. Ambrogio (33... Copyright information (must read!)


Baritone Solo     Download  Report 

Gesù Bambino The Infant Jesus (Jesu Redemptor) Baritone orAlto solo and chorus ...
Music: Pietro A. Yon (1886-1943) Words: Fredrick H. Martens (1874-1932) * In bar...

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