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composé par     Download  Report 

K ING A RTHUR opéra en cinq actes
Henry Purcell sur un livret de John Dryden annoté par Edward Taylor Urtext Copy...


Opening Prayerfor my Beloved:     Download  Report 

Let me be Your Blessing For My Only True Love in My Life
May the Blessing ofthe Lord The (+) Father ofbeautiful creation The (+) Son oflo...


You black bright stars     Download  Report 

Thomas Morley (1557-1603)
T 1 2 3


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Star Spangled Banner SENIORS 2013
Star Spangled Banner SENIORS 2013 Soprano Lin


litetown     Download  Report 

O, little town of Bethlehem VillancicodeInglaterra LEWIS H. REDNER Arm.: R. J.N....


Giovanni Ghizzolo (1580–1625)     Download  Report 

from Il Terzo Libro delli Madrigali · Scherzi · etArie · Con vno Epitalamio M...
Epitalamio Edited by David Millard Vocal Part Éditions Doulce Mémoire 2 Epital...


And We Danced     Download  Report 

Lyrics by Ben Haggerty Arranged by Michael Latham
Snare Drum Sn. Dr. 2 14 Sn. Dr. Sn. Dr. 3 19 Sn. Dr. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 13 14...


ben-mymi     Download  Report 

Of Enamouring The Seruant of his Mistris Iohn Bennet A Briefe Discourse, 1614, n...


a poem byVictor Marie Hugo (1802-1885) set to music by Alain Marie Jacques     Download  Report 

Si mes vers avaient des ailes IfMy Words Would Have Some Wings
Si mes vers avaient des ailes IfMy Words Would Have Some Wings a poem byVictor M...


TallisSpeminalium5-6PML     Download  Report 

ChoirsV&VI Speminalium nunquamhabui Amotet for40voices by ThomasTallis (c.1505â€...

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