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Marc-Antoine Charpentier     Download  Report 

François de Paule Bretonneau D AVID ET J ONATHAS 1688 Urtext Copyright © 2008-...


Bach's B minor Mass: 20. Osanna     Download  Report 

seq. by David Siu dss [at]


Bach's B minor Mass: 22. Agnus Dei     Download  Report 

seq. by David Siu dss [at]


Le chant des oyseaux     Download  Report 

Clement Janequin
La guerre Clement Janequin (1475ca-1558 ) ( La bataille de Marignan ) Le alteraz...ément_Janequin)


Requiem Mass     Download  Report 

made available under a Creative Commons Attribution license http: creativecommon...
Requiem Mass for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Flute, Viola, Horn, Bassoon, and Or...


Sergio Militello     Download  Report 

CANTAR DEL ALMA for voice,flute andharp
© Sergio Militello (Italy), 2006. This score is licensed for non-commercial dis...


Mass in F Major No. 6: Cum sancto spiritu     Download  Report 

This version Copyright © 2009 <John>
By J S BachGenerated by NoteWorthy Composer


Nachtlied,     Download  Report 

Henry Thomas Smart, 1872
Source: The Hymnal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The Presbyterian Board of Public...


I set the Lord still in my sight PSALM XVI, Verse 8, 9, 10, 11.     Download  Report 

John Arnold
p3, The Psalmist’s Recreation, London: 1757.
This edition by Edmund Gooch released into the public domain, December 2011. Tex...


Sicilian Dance, The TS.249     Download  Report 

F:http: tune 11556O:LincolnshireS:Thomas Sands' ...

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