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Happy Hours at Home     Download  Report 

Poetry and Music by Stephen C. Foster
Edited by Robert A. Hudson
©1862 Happy Hours at Home 2 Happy Hours at Home 3 home!


TheDaysWhenWeWentGipsying     Download  Report 

Thedayswhenwewentgipsying Ransford NathanJamesSporle(1812-1853) Co...


Happy Birthday     Download  Report 

B  Happy Birthday Copyright © A Ryland August 2013 B  Happy Birthday Copy...


A Dream of My Mother and My Home     Download  Report 

Written and Composed by Stephen C. Foster
Arranged by Robert A. Hudson
SATB ©1862 A Dream of My Mother and My Home 2 A Dream of My Mother and My Home ...


The happy days of youth     The site owner forbids direct download  Report


The Happy Days of Youth     Download  Report 

Page 1, made by the ABCedit Music Editor.


492     Download  Report 

Flowmytears JohnDowland *Viewwithcontempt;disregard;despise,scorn. 2


Cinderella's song     Download  Report 

David Tayler
Cinderella's song David Tayler 2 3 4 5 G Fm  G 6 7


Pretty Bright Flowers for Thee     Download  Report 

Words and Music by Robert Morrison Stults Introduced by Julian Jordan
Edited by Robert A. Hudson
Waltz Song To My Mother INTRODUCTION Moderato Pretty Bright Flowers for Thee 2 T...


20. Love's Old Sweet Song Quietly     Download  Report 

J. L. Molloy
G. Clifton Binham's_Old_Sweet_Song_(James_Lynam_Molloy)

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