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Tell Me Love of Thy Early Dreams     Download  Report 

Poetry and Music by Stephen C. Foster
Arranged by Robert A. Hudson
©1864 3 5 2013 Tell Me Love of Thy Early Dreams 2 Tell Me Love of Thy Early Dre...


You Pretty Flowers     Download  Report 

John Farmer (1570?-1605)
You pretty flowers Farmer 2 You pretty flowers Farmer


Smiles     Download  Report 

Wendy Hopkins
John G. Elliott, Greg Nelson
Smiles John G. Elliott, Greg Nelson Wendy Hopkins 1963 1963 2 1963 3


Leanne Daharja Veitch     Download  Report 

Black-eyed Susan To John Meir, with loving memories because hefirst saidI could ...


Caroline's Music Box     Download  Report 

Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson
Caroline's Music Box Michael Richardson Michael Richardson 2 3 4 5 6 7


The Revenge ofthe Smileys     Download  Report 

Joshua Smith
The Revenge ofthe Smileys Joshua Smith 2


boldrobertemmet     The site owner forbids direct download  Report 

BoldRobertEmmet Thestruggleisoverboysaredefeated, Ol...


Song by the Heart     Download  Report 

Written By An Le Composed For Tze (Christy) Law
Song by the Heart Written By An Le Composed For Tze (Christy) Law INTRO VERSE 1 ...


nichifor-serban-quatre-chansons-pour-orchestre-50874     Download  Report 

File: 1 orchOK 1 A FIELD, A SKY... UN CAMP, UN CER... To Veronica Poem by Victor...


IMSLP111739-PMLP228281-TheSweetestWordsofAll     Download  Report 

The Sweetest Words of All (“I Love You”) Edited by Robert A. Hudson
Words by Marion Roberts
Music by Robert Morrison Stults © 1922 The Sweetest Words of All 2 The Sweetest...

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