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TallisSpeminalium7-8PML     Download  Report 

ChoirsVII&VIII Speminalium nunquamhabui Amotet for40voices by ThomasTallis (c.15...


Ickginksaml     Download  Report 

from Tielman Susato: Het Tweetste Musyck Boexken (RISM 1551 18) and HetVierde mu...


?download=SolodeClarineteManas     Download  Report 

MANAS WardDeVleeschhouwer(2003) q. Manas, ©WardDeVleeschhouwer2005, warddevl


Psalmxi     Download  Report 

Tielman Susato: HetVierde musyckboexken Souterliedekens I, 1556 Den xi Psalm. Sa...


BIDUO D'OURO for 2 violins: pupil and teacher. I Moderato (lírico)     Download  Report 

"Há dois caminhospara sepassarpelasfronteiras entre Fantasia e o mundo dos home...
Total length: less than 3 min.
Zoltan Paulinyi Brasília, August 26, 2006 Premiered wiith Karla Oliveto at Liv....


TallisSpeminalium3-4PML     Download  Report 

ChoirsIII&IV Speminalium nunquamhabui Amotet for40voices by ThomasTallis (c.1505...


LOUIS DE CAIX D’HERVELOIS     Download  Report 

Les Tableaux galants Edited and ornamented by Jennifer I. Paull LES VENDANGEUSES...


SONATINA para duo de violinos I ao Paulo Bosísio     Download  Report 

Zoltan Paulinyi Brasília, 2001
Duração total: 7 minutos aprox.
paulinyi [at] zoltan.paulini [at] yahoo....


Uma coisa peço a Iahweh e a procuro: é habitar na casa de Iahweh     Download  Report 

Along the street of the house don't pass. The future will be posthumous
O futuro será póstumo
A CASA – THE HOUSE – para coral SATB, compiano ad lib Poesia de Fernando FÃ...


t r a v e l s b y p i a n o     Download  Report 

73 P r e l u d e s VII for piano original composition 2004 – 2008 D 0 U J I N ...

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