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For Orchestra     Download  Report 

G. F. Handel Transcription and arrangement by Moisés Cantos
Clarinet in Bb 1
Music for the Royal Fireworks Ouverture Adagio = Ouverture Ouverture 3 R Ouvertu...


IMSLP260987-PMLP40383-Overture-in-the-Italian-Style-in-D-Schubert-Flute2     Download  Report 

O uverture im italienischen stile(D dur)
FRA N Z SCH U BERT. A dagio. 90–94 2 Flute 2 Fl. 177–178 Flute 2 3 250–253...


Quatuor Op.16 no. 1 Clarinette, Violon, Alto et Violoncelle I Allegro con spiri...     Download  Report 

C. A. Gopfert
[ P.S.W. 1810] 2 II Romanza Adagio 3 4 5


score     Download  Report 

Ben Sm ith
A dagio
Copyright© M M X IW hisperPublishing C  Em Bm  G  G F  Ebm(6) D ...


U ltim atum     Download  Report 

M axim eBeaucham p
A dagio
SnareD rum BassD rum Tam bourine Triangle Crash Cym bal Cab. Sn.D r. B.D r. Tam ...


CONCERT ‘Le Phénix’     Download  Report 

Michel Corrette
Première Viole
I. Allegro = 90 V.S. 2 Première Viole Première Viole 3 II. Adagio = 60 4 Premi...


Music for Three I Canzona Bass (a)     Download  Report 

D.W. Scott
Poco Adagio
Poco Adagio = cresc. soprano Music engraving by LilyPond 2.17.20—www.lilypond...


The Children ofGreyside     Download  Report 

Composed by James Yates
Adagio f 26 f


Ode for St. Cecilia's Day     Download  Report 

G. F. Handel (1685-1759) Edition by Moisés Cantos
Violin I
HWV 76 Overture Larghetto e staccato = ) © 2013 Moisés Cantos 01. Overture 11 ...


beethoven-sonate-op2-n1-2e-mvt-adagio     Download  Report 

1 Beethoven Sonata Opus 2, No. 1 Adagio Public Domain 2 Mutopia-2002 10 16-270 3...

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