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You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline     Download  Report 

Henry (Harry) W. Armstrong Richard H. Gerard
Notated in 2008 by Jack Butler using Noteworthy 2.


armstrongs     The site owner forbids direct download  Report 

Armstrongs E7 b A E7 A A A c+ D


66. OVER THE STUMP AND BACK AGAIN     Download  Report 

The story Mrs Armstrong tells concerning this tune illustrates the extremely ca...


Johnstown Gals     Download  Report 

Source : Mrs. Sarah Armstrong (near Derry, Westmoreland County, Pa., 1943) Book ...


lg-752517409102198842     Download  Report 

Whatsername Billie Joe Armstrong 2004 Copyright by Warner Bros American Idiot Gr...


the Maid I Adore     Download  Report 

Source : handwritten MS from Rich Armstrong Transc. : 2012 John Chambers <jc:...


Sweet Adeline     Download  Report 

Harry Armstrong
R. H. Gerard
Sweet Adeline R. H. Gerard Harry Armstrong My A de line Sweet A de line Norsk sa...


in memoriam Phil Winsor     Download  Report 

R E F R A C T I O N S 1 2−Tone Chords on an All−Interval Row for auto−sequ...
Peter McKenzie Armstrong 201 2 (macro−score) Music engraving by LilyPond 2.1 3...


Armstrong (Chadwick), 77.77.75     Download  Report 

George Whitfield Chadwick, 1887


7. I'LL DANCE A JIG AND I'LL DANCE NO MORE     Download  Report 

Source : Played by Mrs Sarah Armstrong, (near) Derry, PA, Nov 18 1943. Book : Sa...

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