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Porta-laeta     Download  Report 

Laetaminicito cumgaudio Francesco dellaPorta Source: Motetta-LiberIII-Antverpiae...


bxsonop2sc     Download  Report 

Complete Score VII SONATE a` due, Violino & Viola da gamba, con Cembalo Opera Se...


Mille regretz     Download  Report 

Tielman Susato
Source: Vingt & Six Chansons-Anvers-T.Susato-[1543]. Editor: AndréVierendeels (...


V a lid a t ion     Download  Report 

Eb eth C la ir
H ead:
liza *Saxop hone p lays harm ony ab ove T rum p et **Bottom notes are m elody 2 ...


Source: Le XIVième livre Chansons ( Lassus)-Anvers-T.Susato-1555. Edi...     Download  Report 

Orlande de Lassus
Tu traditora Villanescha
Orlande de Lassus Tu traditora Villanescha Source: Le XIVième livre Chans...


White Cock Aid Above Them All     The site owner forbids direct download  Report .
Key as in MS


A Prayer for my daughter     Download  Report 

Alexander Chase
A Prayer for my daughter Alexander Chase 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 12


Sinfonia (ex Bella Dea) Source: Musiche-Libro primo-Firenze-Z.Pignoni-1617. Edi...     Download  Report 

Filippo Vitale
Sinfonia (ex Bella Dea) Sinfonia (ex Bella Dea) 3 Notes: Original keys: Ut 1st, ...


Tuma-cuminvocarem     Download  Report 

invocarem (Ps 4) Cum Francesco Tuma (1704-1774) Source: MsNat. Bibl. Wien Editor...šek_Tůma


Missa super Adieu ms amours     Download  Report 

Adam Reiner
GLORIA Source: Opus X Missarum-Wittemberg-G.Rhau-1541. Editor: André Vierendeel...

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