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coro03     Download  Report 

3. Zum Evangelium und Credo Nicht zu langsam Schubert:...


Missa brevissimis     Download  Report 

Arr: Eva Toller 2010
Text: Ordinariemässan
Musik: Eva Toller © Eva Toller 2010 Missa brevissimis 2 © Eva Toller 2010 Miss...


IMSLP261944-PMLP424607-SATB-choir-mass-in-F-simpson-imslp-121212     Download  Report 

Mass in F I Kyrie
Soprano Alto Tenor Basso
Daniel Léo Simpson October 11, 2000 San Carlos, California USA q=84 rit. a temp...


Denkmälern der deutschen Tonkunst     Download  Report 

Antonio Lotti (1667 1740)
Missa a tre voci a cappella (Tenore I, Tenore II, Basso) Nach der Ausgabe in den...


Credo by Michael Haydn: A Violin Concerto     Download  Report 

John-Luke Mark Matthews
Oboe 2
Allegro =


Missa "Papae Marcelli" G. P. da Palestrina (1525 1594)     Download  Report 

Kyrie eleison
1 Missa "Papae Marcelli" G. P. da Palestrina (1525 1594) 2 Missa "Papae Marcelli...


will-las     Download  Report 

Lasso,ch'iardo Adrian Willaert (1490ca-1562) 1 2 Copyright ©2000by theChoral Pu...'i_ardo_(Adrian_Willaert)


LEOPOLD VON ZENETTI (1805 1892) Pastoral Mass in C     Download  Report 

Horn 1 in C (original)
edited by Louis Sauter 1. Kyrie Solo This edition is licensed under the Creative...


685     Download  Report 

Thensittheedown #7fromTheSecondBookofSongsorAyres JohnDowland ThispieceisPart2of...


Mentre l©aura spirò     Download  Report 

Anonymous Canto (part 1 of 5)
1 Mentre l©aura spirò Anonymous Canto (part 1 of 5) Luca Marenzio (c.1553-1599...

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