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Requiem No.2: Offertorium     Download  Report 

Gabriel Fauré Copyright information (must read!)


AChildisborninBethlehem     Download  Report 

Harmony by Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata 65
PUER NATUS IN BETHLEHEM (descant) 1012 Lucas Lossius, Psalmodia, hoc est, Cantic...
6. He comes a maiden mother's son, Yet earthly father has he none; A Child is bo...


Die Jungfrau schläft in der Kammer     Download  Report 

Albin Fries
Fließendes Walzertempo = 72
Heinrich Heine 3 a tempo


Christoph Graupner     Download  Report 

Kantate Wer nicht zur Tür hinein gehet (GWV 1140 43)
Christoph Graupner Kantate Wer nicht zur Tür hinein gehet (GWV 1140 43) Solo Ba...


Kalinka     Download  Report 

Kalinka Russland A d A A d A Wacholder,Wacholder,Wacholdermein, imGartenistdieBe...Калинка Copyright information (must read!)


5Es ist verrathen Ser de amor esa pasion     Download  Report 

Robert SCHUMANN op. 74 n°5 Texte : Emmanuel von GEIBEL
Ed. Clara SCHUMANN Copyright information (must read!)


Carmina Burana No. 5: Ecce gratum     Download  Report 

Carl Orff Copyright information (must read!)


Mass of the Children No. 1: Kyrie     Download  Report 

John Rutter Copyright information (must read!)


lg-257550597206788692     Download  Report 

Parting Gift Fiona Apple transcribed by Virginia Macdonald


Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde     Download  Report 

MahlerDAS LIED VON DER ERDEfor Roland SC-88VLMIDI Editing By Jun Nishio.junatc
Gustav Mahler Gustav Mahler Midi Seq.Jun Nishio Presentation in DWK-REC Music Fo...

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