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The Welcome Song Introduction to Act I     Download  Report 

Nathan Elvis [Lyricist: Eva Thorpe


Che non fa     Download  Report 

Generated by FRONIMO 3.0 ©1996-2005 by F. Tribioli


Dissi a l'amata e mia lucida stella     Download  Report 

Luca Marenzio
Io amai sempre Adrian Willaert ( 1490ca-1562 ) Copyright © 2000 by the Choral P...


SUSPICIOUS MINDS     Download  Report 

Words & Music by Mark James
06-17-93, 12:10, I.G.


ALMOST BLUE     Download  Report 

Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello


Crying in the chapel Tema popularizado por Elvis Presley     Download  Report 

Letra y Música: ARTIE GLENN Versión Coral: JOSÉ LUIS BLASCO
(Edición: J. Blasco, 2013) http: CRYING IN THE CHASPEL Hoja:...


One Night With You (Elvis Presley)     Download  Report 

kar: Joe (The Walrus) Wallace


Arcadelt-AhimÀ      Download  Report 

Ahimè dov'è'l bel viso From Il primo libro de' madrigali a 4 voci, 1581 ed.è_dov'è'l_bel_viso_(Jacques_Arcadelt)


Donna il vostro bel viso     Download  Report 

Thomas Weelkes (1576 1623)
Sources: Airs, orPhantastik Spirits London 1608. Edm.Warren 1778. This edition: ...


Just tell her Jim said hello -Elvis Presley     Download  Report 

kar by L-S Ouellet karaoke [at]

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