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Twelve Canzonets 1. The Mermaid's Song     Download  Report 

Joseph Haydn (1732 1809) Texts by Anne Hunter (1742 1821), except where noted
Transcribed and edited by Liam Hynes
Twelve Canzonets 1. The Mermaid's Song Joseph Haydn (1732 1809) Texts by Anne Hu...


Craw 187 (1801 1803)     Download  Report 

Jan Ladislav Dussek (Dusík) (1760 1812)
d i t e i b h r o p n t i o u
t r i b i s d r e d n a t r i n p r e l i a r c e m m o c – ) e s n e l i c s ...


Metodo pratico di canto italiano per camera     Download  Report 

Revision 1.0 06 April 2012
(A Practical Method for Voice) High Voice Dedication For EJJ, with my love; and ...


4. Torquemada     Download  Report 

36 Torquemada 37 Torquemada 38 Torquemada 39 Torquemada 40 Torquemada Torquemada...


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