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TheLordismyShepherdGreene     Download  Report 

TheLordismyShepherd ArrangedforATB byJames Gibb MauriceGreene (1695-1755) Psalm ...


threeravens     Download  Report 

Three Rauens Thomas Ravenscroft (ca. 1590–1633) Three Rauens Thomas Ravenscrof...


Dauncing     Download  Report 

Iohn Bennet A Briefe Discourse, 1614, no. 9
The Elues Daunce 1 Dauncing Critical notes: Note values have been halved. Typese...


Fanny Hensel     Download  Report 

Im Wald from Gartenlieder op. 3, no. 6
Im Wald Chorlied von Giebel. Fanny Hensel Im Wald And they join The leaves all l...


Behold, I brìng you glad tìdìngs     Download  Report 

Maurìce Greene (l696-l755)
Luke 2:lo-ll,l4
1 2 Behold, I bring you glad tidings Greene 3 9o Behold, I bring you glad tiding...


Edward Lambert     Download  Report 

for soprano, tenor & bass soloists, choir and instrumental ensemble
brighter than the sun a Cantatafor Christmas Composer's note This cantata, which...


Lord, let me know mine end molto sostenuto     Download  Report 

Maurice Greene (1695-1755)
Psalm 39 vv 5-8, 13,15
1 Lord, let me know mine end Greene 2 Lord, let me know mine end Greene senza Pe...,_let_me_know_mine_end_(Maurice_Greene)


Tampico     Download  Report 

Music by Jon Corelis
Words by Jon Corelis
Copyright 201 1 by Jon Corelis site jcorelis Version ofFebruary...


SongsofNaturecomplete     Download  Report 

SONGSOF NATURE OP.63 MusicbyAntonìnDvořák(1841-1904) WordsbyVitězslavHálek(...ín_Dvořák


JULIAN BESSET     Download  Report 

ZONATIONS (Ombres Portées & Embrasements Shadows Pointing & Conflagrations) Pou...

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