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Twelve Canzonets 1. The Mermaid's Song     Download  Report 

Joseph Haydn (1732 1809) Texts by Anne Hunter (1742 1821), except where noted
Transcribed and edited by Liam Hynes
Twelve Canzonets 1. The Mermaid's Song Joseph Haydn (1732 1809) Texts by Anne Hu...


à Monsieur Cuvillon     Download  Report 

Premìere Sonate pour Piano et Violon Op. 152
par Henri Bertini jeune 1 798–1876 Partition Copyright c 2012 by James L. Bail...


Elgargreatisthelord2     Download  Report 

TotheVeryReverendJ.ArmitageRobinson,D.D.,DeanofWells.Withsincereregard. VOCALSCO...,_Op._67_(Edward_Elgar)


Antonio Vivaldi     Download  Report 

Cessate, omai cessate Cantata ad Alto solo con Istrom. RV 684
A cura di
ti Rev. 1.2 Edited by Luigi Cataldi Non-commercial copying welcome c 1999 Luigi ...


BMS-fromheavenabove     Download  Report 

From Heaven Above choral partita for three-part mixed choir a cappela Burkhart M...ürmann)


music109     Download  Report 

109 Advice to a Miser. Set by Mr . James Graves. Then prithee be Jolly, desert t...


Prayer for sleep     Download  Report 

Jay Hamilton
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 You are free: * to copy, distribute, d...


songofsongspdf     Download  Report 

The SongofSongs Extracts Lyrics fromthe SongofSongs intheBible. Englishtranslati...


Hiroshi Yamazaki began playing classical piano at the age of seven in Osaka, Jap...     Download  Report 

Yamazaki,Hiroshi Arrangeur, Compositeur, Directeur, Professeur États-Unis
A propos de l'artiste
Hiroshi Yamazaki began playing classical piano at the age of seven in Osaka, Jap...


LOUIS DE CAIX D’HERVELOIS     Download  Report 

Les Tableaux galants Edited and ornamented by Jennifer I. Paull LES VENDANGEUSES...

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