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Por los Caminitos de Jerusalem, Para Coro Mixto a 4 voces con piano ad libitum      Download  Report 

Letra: Juana de Ibarbourou
Música: Gonzalo Brenes (Panamá, 1953)


O God, the author of peace     Download  Report 

Joseph Key


BachAlsJesusChristusinderNacht     Download  Report 

Melodie: Joh. Crüger(1598-1662) Satz: Joh. Seb. Bach (1685-1750) Text: Joh. Hee...


lg-201979185880743875     Download  Report 

Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging Arr: Hugo Distler


IMSLP285290-PMLP463070-HinoaSantaTerezadeAviladeJesus-ClarinetinBb1     Download  Report 

Hino a Santa Tereza de Jesus Regis superni nuntia
Clarinet in Bb 1
Hino a Santa Tereza de Jesus Regis superni nuntia Clarinet in Bb 1 Rafael Sales ...


lg-297106133390817332     Download  Report 

Diana Rutherford 2013 The Crucifixion


score     Download  Report 

Apostle's Creed Liturgical Background Music Salicional 8' Stop & Soft 8', 16' Pe...
Organ Org. Org. Org. Org. Org. 19 Org. A men. 2


Go Tell Your Story to Jesus     Download  Report 

Daniel S. Twohig, 1922
Source: Wonder Hymns of Faith, by Charles R. Scoville, W. E. M.Hackleman & J. E....


Salve, ó Cristo obediente Aclamação ao Evangelho Domingo de Ramos     Download  Report 

Versão: Reginaldo Veloso Música: Silvio Milanez
Refrão: Salve, ó Cristo obediente! Salve, Amor onipotente, Que te entregou à ...


Ave Maria     Download  Report 

Anton Bruckner (1824-96)
(Sehr langsam)
ed. 1 10 99 3 TITLE: Ave Maria OPUS #: none COMPOSER: Anton Bruckner DATE OF COM...

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