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Georg Gerson 1790-1825     Download  Report 

Georg Gerson 1790-1825 Das Lied vom Glücke von A. G. von Halem G.31 Edited by C...


Desabafo      Download  Report 

Arr.: Bontzye Schmidt Sandoval
Derinho Lô Daniel Vieira Ramos
bontzye [at] bontzye [at]


Ghizz-car     Download  Report 

Car'ecrude MADRIGALE Source: MadrigalietArie-Libro secondo-Venetia-A.Raverij-16...


Moss Rose. VWMLa.157     Download  Report 

S:Anon. MS, late 18thC, Vaughan Williams Mem. LibraryO:England;YorkshireZ:vmp ef...


Factory Girl     The site owner forbids direct download  Report 

W:Early one morning as the sun was adorning,W:The birds on the bushes did warble...


D unaguancia-Kapsperger     Download  Report 

Gio.Girolamo Kapsperger
D'una guancia Source: Libro secondo di Villanelle-Roma-GB Robletti-1619. Editor...
D'una guancia 2 . . D'una guancia 3 . . Note: BC in original print: "Per chitarr...'una_guancia_(Johannes_Hieronymus_Kapsberger)


Dunque Clorida Source: Libro secondo di Villanelle-Roma-GB Robletti-1619. Edito...     Download  Report 

Gio.Girolamo Kapsperger
Dunque Clorida 2 Note: BC in original print "Per chitarra spagnola".


Ghizz-caro     Download  Report 

Caro dolce MADRIGALE GiovanniGhizzolo Source: MadrigalietArie-Libro secondo-Vene...


LWV71Armide     Download  Report 

JeanBaptisteLully Philippe Quinault ARMIDE 1686 Copyright©2006-2009 Nicolas Sce...


Lady, when I behold,     Download  Report 

John Wilbye
Cantus c 2012 Serpent Publications 1 Printed on: February 22, 2012 c 2012 Serpen...

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