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M E M O R Y( (De la comedia musical "CATS)      Download  Report 

Trevor Nunn after T.S.Elliot
Arr.: Silvia Skiliansky


lg-799472942349739536     Download  Report


To Dian, in the memory of her brother     Download  Report 

Samuel Bisson (1984)
In Memoriam ca. 22 senza sord. © 2006, Samuel Bisson All Rights Reserved. Unaut...


Adagio for Strings "In the memory ofmy beloved Kharak"     Download  Report 

Samuel Barber
Lyrics are from Agnus Dei.
3 1 Vlns. 1 S. A. T. 8 B. 2


I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU     Download  Report 

Al Dubin & Harry Warren, 1933
Arranged &TablEdited by: Paul Doty p.doty [at]
I didn't have a lead sheet so the changes may not be exactly right; it was done ...


The New-Mown Meadows     Download  Report 

O:englandB:Joyce, P. W.; "Old Irish Folk Music and Songs"H:Written from memory.


parr-mus     Download  Report 

Charles Hubert Hastings Parry(1848-1918) SATB a cappella Music, when soft voice...,_when_soft_voices_die_(Charles_Hubert_Hastings_Parry)


Patriot Game, The Merry Month of May, The     Download  Report 

Source : Clancy Bros. and Tommy Makem, In Person at Carnegie Hall Transc. : Jero...


Memory (Barry Manilow)     Download  Report 

Sequence by unknown Karaoke by Lucia Maria H.Matos Leite Canta Brasil (http: can...


In Memory of Tara Lynne     The site owner forbids direct download  Report

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