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Easter Anthems     Download  Report 

Words: 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Music by R. Mather 032001 In Recitation each ...


DVK86C     Download  Report 

31 AntoninDvorak (1841 1904) Op 86 ( MassinD Credo original) manon troppo 32 2 3...ín_Dvořák


In Gratiam Restituo "Reconciliation" "O, by a swift He cometh quickly, Reconcile...     Download  Report 

Jonathan Riley
Lyrics: Jonathan Riley
O, by a swift He cometh quickly, Reconcile! the Heart ofthe crime! Reconcile! Fo...


We love the place O God     Download  Report 

(Quam dilecta) by Bishop Henry L. Jenner arranged by R. Mather 07-1996
William Bullock and Henry W. Baker.
1 Lord Je sus give us 2 Arrangement copyright © 2001 R. Mather. May be reproduc...


ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL     Download  Report 

CD: "Whistle Stop" Copyright (1993) By Charles David Alexander Used with permiss...
Ervin T. Rouse As Played By: Charles David Alexander M I T M I M T M Page 1 14 O...


Gabriel's Oboe from "The Mission"     Download  Report 

Arr. Stephen Miller


november 2     Download  Report 

CommemorATion oF All The FAiThFUl DepArTeD (All SoUlS)
inTroiT Requiem æternam 4Esd2: 34, 35 (64) * 2. To you all fleshwill come. † ...


Regina caeli Andrew Smith vocal SSA durata 2:30 composed 2002     Download  Report 

version 26.04.2005
Commissioned by Trio Mediæval written with support from Komponistenes Vederlags...


SeConD SUnDAY oF ADVenT     Download  Report 

inTroiT Populus Sion
Cf. Is 30: 19, 30 . . . Psalm 80 (79) 1. o shepherd ofis rael hear us, * youwho...


sorop12-a4     Download  Report 

1 Six divertissements pour la guitare 2. Waltz Fernando Sor Opus 1.2 Guitarre Mu...

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