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My soul there is a country Parry     Download  Report 

Mysoul,thereisacountry Sir.CharlesHubertHastingsParry. HenryVaughan Mysoul,there...


Miserere mei Deus     Download  Report 

Giovanni Maria Nanino (1543 4-1607) ed. Edward Tambling
Source: Musica Divina sive Thesaurus Concentuum Selectissimorum... publice offer...
I at original pitch; II up a major third; III down a perfect fourth


The Lost Chord     Download  Report 

Adelaide A. Procter (1825-1864)
Source: Heart Songs, compiled by National Magazine (Cleveland, Ohio: The World S...


Praetorius-Pertesciamus     Download  Report 

PER TE SCIAMUS, DA, PATREM à 3 Hymnodia Sionia : No. 101
attr. Rabanus Maurus (c.780-856) Veni Creator Spiritus , verse 6
Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) ed. Ross Jallo Per te sciamus, da, Patrem, noscam...,_da,_Patrem_(Michael_Praetorius)


Veni Domine et noli tardare [In Dominica II et III Adventus]     Download  Report 

Cristóbal de Morales (c.1500-1553)
Venecia 1549, Nuremberg 1556
Edited by Nancho Alvarez http : tomasluisdevicto ria . o rg 2 Veni Domine et nol...


An Phis Fhliuch Wet Pussy, The Choice Wife, The Perfect Wife, The Virgin Mary O'...     Download  Report 

Disc. : Willie Clancy: The Pipering of Willie Clancy 2. Davy Spillane: Atlantic ...


lg-646888742543372022     Download  Report


lg-551710320639266630     Download  Report 

Prayer of Dreams o.c. Hennings o.c. Hennings 2013


Negliya que quele [Villancico a] cuatro de Navidad     Download  Report 

Sebastián Durón (1660-1716)
From a printed source (no 3-055) in the M ú sica Colonial archive in Guatemala ...
Estribillo 3 3 2 3 4 3 5 6 7 8 Coplas Solo (suitable for alto in this transposed...án_Durón)


lg-775932038093535768     Download  Report 

Coma White Marilyn Manson

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