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Do You Not Know     Download  Report 

1 Do You Not Know Thomas Morley (c.1557-1602) Canzonets or Little Short Songs to...


Upton-Woodbine     Download  Report 

C Upton
W OODBINE 1 1 1 0. 1 1 1 0 With drive
HEN through the whirl of wheels, and engines humming, W Patiently powerful for ...


By The Power G     Download  Report 

Iva Samples
arranged by Barbara Sanjivi
Am 2 BbA+  E+  3


Edward Lambert     Download  Report 

for soprano, tenor & bass soloists, choir and instrumental ensemble
brighter than the sun a Cantatafor Christmas Composer's note This cantata, which...


O worship the King     Download  Report 

Hanover, Probably by William Croft, arranged by R. Mather 07-2001
Robert Grant based on an earlier text of William Kethe.
1 Music arrangement copyright © 2008 R. Mather. May be reproduced and performed...


Eros     Download  Report 

Music byAlfonso X El Sabio, arranged by Jon Corelis
Words by Jon Corelis, adapted from the Greek ofEuripides
 = 132 , strongly Copyright © 2011 by Jon Corelis site jcor...


War in Heaven     Download  Report 

Mark Chapman
Revelations Ch12 v7-12
Marziale ( = 90) Copyleft Mark Chapman 2011. Edition may be freely distributed, ...


WhatSoulInspiringMusic     Download  Report 

Whatsoul-inspiringmusic Christmastraditional Copyleft: this workof...


Upton-m7t     Download  Report 

MISSA SEPTIMI TONI (Mass in the 7th Mode) Christopher Upton
Missa Septimi Toni K YRIE E LEISON (C ONDITOR K YRIE ) Omnes procla-me-mus nunc ...


Night Tortoise Mitchell Contra Morning Dove     Download  Report 

Elvis Miller
Eva Thorpe and Clara Hoche
Eva Thorpe and Clara Hoche Night Tortoise Mitchell Contra Morning Dove Elvis Mil...

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