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midis-france-DROMAD KHEZ - Dromad khez     Download  Report


Track 0     Download  Report 

Creator: GNU LilyPond 2.9.2 Generated automatically by: GNU LilyPond 2.9.2 at Sa...


NELL'APPARIR DEL SEMPITERNO SOLE (alla Madonna del Presepio di Santa Maria Maggi...     Download  Report 

da "TEMPIO ARMONICO DELLA BEATISSIMA VERGINE... in Roma, Nicolò Mutij 1599 Tr...
Francesco Soto de Langa (1534 1619)
NOTA: Testo ad endecasillabi con rima ABB. Delle sedici strofe originarie vengon...


A Paso Lento     Download  Report 

Paco Pena. arrgt Romano ( tientos )
romano [at] http: romano


St. Patrick (Stanford)     Download  Report 

Charles Villiers Stanford, 1902
Adapted from an Irish melody. Source: Presbyterian Hymnal, 1990, # 431.


Sonata Op. 31 3-Hao Tian Tim Zhang     Download  Report 

2008 e-Piano Junior Competition virtual audition roundrecorded January and Febru...


126     Download  Report 

Rob Peters 3. Preludium et Fuga quasi Hoquetus allegro maestoso, ma vivace


VII. Stay time a while thy flying,     Download  Report 

VII. Stay time a while thy flying,
VII. Stay time a while thy flying, CANTUS. John Dowland VII. Stay time a while t...


lg-26184584450333399     Download  Report 

When the saints go marching in Traditionnel MB


Mother Quoth Hodge. JW6.179     Download  Report 

Source : John Walsh Jr. The Compleat Country Dancing Master.Vol 6 1756 Orig. : E...

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