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O Salutaris     Download  Report 

José Alexandrino de Sousa (1896 1960)
O Salutaris José Alexandrino de Sousa (1896 1960) ©Edição de Rafael Sales Ar...


Attende Domine During Lent     Download  Report 

Gregorian Chant
** Repeat Attende Domine... after each stanza. SOURCE: Liber Usualis 1961, Appen...


Psalmus Poenitentialis IV     Download  Report 

1 Psalmus Poenitentialis IV Miserere mei Deus Lassus 1. 2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 5. 5 6. 6...


NotWe orthy Composer Scriptorium     Download  Report 

Page 1 of 160
Friday, February 8, 2013
CatalogueofScoresin Not e Wo rthy Composer Format heldonthe Scriptorium NoteWort...


busn-inh     Download  Report 

In hydraulis Antoine Busnoys ? 1492 (auf Johannes Ockeghem) © SMC 2003


Gegenüber den Originaldrucken der Stimmbücher     Download  Report 

Hans Leo Haßler (1564 – 1612)
Missa octo vocum Nürnberg 1599 und der Ausgabe in den „Denkmälern der deutsc...


Eia-010Horn1     Download  Report 

EIA! ÀS ARMAS Horn I Arr. Jun 99 1. Eia! às armas, invictos Cruzados, Com ardo...


In virtute tua     Download  Report 

Michael Haller


Salutation. JW6.097     Download  Report 

Source : John Walsh Jr. The Compleat Country Dancing Master.Vol 6 1756 Orig. : E...


Guerrero-SuperFluminaBabylonis-3-Credo     Download  Report 

3. Credo inunum Deum de la misa 'Super flumina Babylonis' Liber primus missarum,...

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