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Good Bye Sally Dear     Download  Report 

Copyright (C) 2007 (July 29) by Benjamin Robert Tubb
(from Songs of the Ethiopian Serenaders) Words by Samuel A. Wells. Music by Fran...


Hopi Prayer for Tenor & Piano     Download  Report 

Bernard Samuel Super 3 2005
Vocal range: Bb3 to A5, plus one C6 note (mm94-95) which can be sungfalsetto. lo...


TWenTY FiFTh SUnDAY     Download  Report 

Cf. Ps 37 (36): 38, 40, 28
inTroiT Saluspopuli Psalm 78 (77) 1. give ear, mypeople, to my teach ing; * incl...


Melcombe     Download  Report 

Transc. : Samuel Webbe, 1782 Public domain


score     Download  Report 

Pokemon Red Blue Medley Arranged for low brass
Samuel York
Junichi Masuda 2 3 4 5 6 7 mf 90 Eu. Eu. Trb. B. Trb. 8 9 10 1 1 129 Eu. Eu. Trb...


Justice Ballance     Download  Report 

Z:2011 John Chambers <>B:Charles & Samuel Thompson eds ...


Exultavit cor meum Psalm 17, 1 Samuel     Download  Report 

Heinrich Sch├╝tz
SWV 257 Symphoniae Sacrae (1629) Realized and encoded by Sarge Gerbode. 2 3 4


Winscott, LM     Download  Report 

Samuel Sebastian Wesley, 1872
Source: The Mennonite Hymnal (Newton, Kansas: Faith and Life Press, 1969), # 369...


IMSLP121892-WIMA     Download  Report 

Magnificat verse Vita sanctorum
Samuel Scheidt 0698


Llanberis, 76.76 D     Download  Report 

Public Domain, Courtesy of the Cyber Hymnal
By Samuel Sebastian Wesley, 1739Generated by NoteWorthy Composer

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