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Metodo pratico di canto italiano per camera     Download  Report 

Revision 1.0 06 April 2012
(A Practical Method for Voice) High Voice Dedication For EJJ, with my love; and ...


tornailserenozefiroS     Download  Report 

TornailserenoZefiro Sigismondod'India -2Calmbreezesreturn: Andthetwitteringbirds...


PresulemENGLISHforbass     Download  Report 

Blessed inYouth (Presulem Ephebeatum) from the Codex Speciálník, c. 1500A.D., ...


TallisSpeminalium1-2PML     Download  Report 

ChoirsI&II Speminalium nunquamhabui Amotet for40voices by ThomasTallis (c.1505â€...


Giovanni Gabrieli Canzona XII a due chori     Download  Report 

arranged for modern wind ensemble: 2 or 3 flutes, oboe, english horn, 2 clarinet...
may be copied freely Giovanni Gabrieli (http: wiki GiovanniGabr...


score     Download  Report 

Caramelldansen For Bass and Treble
Caramelldansen For Bass and Treble Published by:iLoveCaramell Arranged by: Scarf...


TallisSpeminalium3-4PML     Download  Report 

ChoirsIII&IV Speminalium nunquamhabui Amotet for40voices by ThomasTallis (c.1505...


TallisSpeminaliumSopranosPML     Download  Report 

Sopranos Speminalium nunquamhabui Amotet for40voices by ThomasTallis (c.1505–1...


composé par     Download  Report 

K ING A RTHUR opéra en cinq actes
Henry Purcell sur un livret de John Dryden annoté par Edward Taylor Urtext Copy...


The Degradation ofthe Chorus Dedicated to Lucas Grant, UNCSA Class of2012, comp...     Download  Report 

Jesse David Sykes
and to the Winston-Salem Youth Chorus, ofwhich he and I were members oftogether ...

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