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DellAlmaSuperba-let     Download  Report 

Quell'alma superba A. Vivaldi (1648-1741) 2 3 4 5 6 Sheet music from www.Mutopia...


giuliani-op50n13-a4     Download  Report 

Opus 50 No. 13 Mauro Giuliani Allegro No. 13 Op. 50 Creative Commons Attribution...


Chi vuol udir i miei sospiri in rime     Download  Report 

Jacopa Sannazaro, Arcadia Eclogue IV
Luca Marenzio (c.1553-1599) Canto (part 1 of 4) Madrigali à 4, Libro Primo (158...


giuliani-op50n14-let     Download  Report 

Opus 50 No. 14 Mauro Giuliani Andantino No. Op. 50 Creative Commons Attribution ...


LaMaddalena-let     Download  Report 

Musiche de alcuni eccellentissimi Musici composte perlaMaddalena Sacra Rappresen...


Sollabrama-let     Download  Report 

Sol labrama di vendetta G. F. Händel (1685-1758) Creative Commons Attribution-S...


traditionerafswenskafolkdansar     Download  Report 

Traditioner afSwenska Folk-Dansar 3rd part, nr 9 polska fromVästergötland, Swe...


HWV197-let     Download  Report 

Tanti strali G. F. Händel (1685-1758) Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3...


See, see, myne own sweet jewell     Download  Report 

Bassus (part 3 of 3)
Thomas Morley (c.1557-1602) Canzonets or Little Short Songs to Three Voyces (159...


Georg Gerson 1790-1825     Download  Report 

Georg Gerson 1790-1825 Hylas will kein Weib haben G.139 Edited by Christian Mond...

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