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I and Jenny Davis     Download  Report 

Copyright (C) 2011 (Mar 29) by Benjamin Robert Tubb
Words by Luella Clark. Music by Joseph Philbrick Webster. (1860) for General MID...
Staff #4 (Piano (hi)) Bar 34   
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The Copperhead of 1864     Download  Report 

Copyright (C) 2007 (Jun 11) by Benjamin Robert Tubb
Words by John Holland. Music by James Gowdy Clark. (1864) for General MIDI playb...
Staff #13 (Piano (hi)) Bar 33   
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Beethoven     Download  Report 

Staff #11 (Viola) Bar 87   
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You Can Never Win Us Back     Download  Report 

MIDI Performance and Arrangement Copyright ©2001 (May 31) by Benjamin Robert Tu...
Written by a Lady of Kentucky. Arranged by J. E. Smith. (1864)Dedicated to MOSBY...
Staff #6 (Piano (hi)) Bar 12   
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Annie Laurie (Scottish ballad)     Download  Report 

arr Finlay Dunn 1795 1853
Staff #2 (Right Hand) Bar 9   
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Annie Laurie     Download  Report 

This Arrangement Copyright ©1999 Benjamin Robert Tubb
Arranged Finley Dun, 1795-1853 (c.1850)for General MIDI playbackScotch BalladSun...
Staff #4 (Piano (hi)) Bar 11   
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The Gift of Our Fathers     Download  Report 

Copyright (C) 2008 (Jun 16) by Benjamin Robert Tubb
A Union Anthem! With Original Melody Words and Music by John M. Crosland. Arrang...
Staff #25 (Acoustic Grand Piano RH) Bar 10   
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Staff #28 ((BRT) Acoustic Guitar) Bar 10   
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Sociable.     The site owner forbids direct download  Report 

Staff #1 (Piano 1) Bar 17   
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speedbon     Download  Report 

Staff #2 (Sequenced By) Bar 8   
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I'm a Broth of a Boy     Download  Report 

Copyright (C) 2005 (May 5) by Benjamin Robert Tubb
Words by George Cooper. Music by John Rogers Thomas. (1876)for General MIDI play...
Staff #4 (Piano (hi)) Bar 12   
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