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Barytontrio Nr.8     Download  Report 

Joseph Haydn
Barytontrio Nr.8 Oboe Joseph Haydn Bearbeitung: Notenschreiber at IMSLP Copyrigh...
Staff #1 Bar 191   
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IMSLP157339-PMLP285553-CAMINOSARGENTINOSFullScore     Download  Report 

CAMINOS ARGENTINOS for string orchestra Windsor Editions JEFF MANOOKIAN CAMINOS ...
Staff #2 (Violin II) Bar 304   
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SONATINA #36-2     Download  Report 

M.CLEMENTI arr.Xavier Quiñones L.G.S.
©SOFITLAXX.Q.2007 SONATINA #36-2 2 SONATINA #36-2 3 tempo SONATINA #36-2 4 SONA...
Staff #1 (Clarinete Sib 1) Bar 1819   
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IMSLP250151-PMLP405418-LassoDeprofundisG     Download  Report 

Orlando di Lasso (1532 – 1594) Psalmi Davidis Poenitentiales
Nr. 6 De profundis clamavi Psalm 129 (130) Quinque vocum Quelle: http: www.cpdl....
Staff #9 (Quinta vox (Tenor II)) Bar 17   
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ninos-gerasimos-kos-parade-march-baritone-28703-92     Download  Report 

'' KOS '' PARADE MARCH (αφιερωμένο στηνφιλαρμονική ΔÎ...
Staff #1 Bar 41   
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Composed atthe request ofthe Government ofGreece andpremiered atthe opening ofth...     Download  Report 

FANFAREALEXANDER for Brass and Percussion
Full Score in C approx. 2 minutes
Full Score in C approx. 2 minutes Composed atthe request ofthe Government ofGree...
Staff #5 (Tbn. I) Bar 55   
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Versets et Suonata N 2 pour Orgue     Download  Report 

Giuseppe CERRUTI (1803 1869)
o Transcription et revision de Jean-Pierre Coulon Notice de Michelle Bernard htt...
Staff #1 Bar 46   
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a02     Download  Report 

2. Gloria
maestoso ...
Staff #1 (Violino 1) Bar 68   
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Commissioned 2012 by L. Garber, J. Christiansen, SKomar, andM. Bergman     Download  Report 

Edgar F Girtain, IV
CLARION NOD For Trumpet Quartet 2 Slightly Faster, More Present = 80 Open poco a...
Staff #3 (Trumpet II in B) Bar 66   
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Intrada I     Download  Report 

Michael Altenburg
Discantus 1
» Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei uns hält« Discantus 1 Intrada II » Nun lob mein...
Staff #1 Bar 19   
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