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Inspiration     Download  Report 

Claude Duguay
TablEdited byClaude Duguay Copyright 2001


Pavana Muy Llana Para Taner     Download  Report 

Diego Pisador
TablEdited by michaeljoyce [at]
The title "Pavana Muy Llana Para TaƱer" translates as "A Pavanne Very Easy to P...


"Cosmic Monsters"     Download  Report 

Composed By: Kieran Fish
Composed by: Kieran Fish 1980 Tabbed In TablEdit by: Steve J. McWilliam 1998
A Tape and Tab Club (T'n'T) Arrangement (Tape 'n' Tab Club) Cosmic Monsters Comp...


EARL'S MEDLEY NO.2     Download  Report 

Arranged by Earl Scruggs and Jack Baker
Transcribed and TablEdited by Jack R. Baker (2002) Recorded Source: (Mercury Rec...


When The Saints Go Marching In     Download  Report 

Arranged and TablEdited by michaeljoyce [at] on an id...


Blackberry Blossom     Download  Report 

Tab by Arthur Banks(banksam [at]


Ja-Da     Download  Report 

Bob Carleton
Arranged &TablEdited by michaeljoyce [at]
Just when the present generation tells the world they are the first to swing, so...


"The Fairy Queen"     Download  Report 

Composed By: Turlough O'Carolan (1700's)
Arranged by: Kieran Fish 1983 Tabbed In TablEdit by: Steve J. McWilliam 1998
A Tape and Tablature Club (T'n'T) Arrangement (Tape 'n' Tab Club) The Fairy Quee...


I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover     Download  Report 

By Woods And Dixon
Arranged and TablEdited by michaeljoyce [at] rpvogh3<...
Richard Vogh provided the "Bossa Nova Bone" part. That section was inspired by a...


FINGERSTYLE STOMP     Download  Report 

Mike Emblem
TablEdited by Mike Emblem

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