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Kel-pange     Download  Report 

Pange lingua Joachim Kelecom (° 1977)


O God of peace and pardoning love     Download  Report 

Samuel Chapple
p235, Thomas Hawkes, A Collection of Tunes, Watchet: (1 833)
This edition by Edmund Gooch released into the public domain, June 201 3. Ashbur...


Hungarian Lad`s Dance from Szek      Download  Report 

authentic hungarian folk music
Hungarian Lad`s Dacne (Verbunk) from Szek, Transylvania (Romania) "It`s of Szabo...


BalbiEccevirgo     Download  Report 

Ecce virgo concipiet Communion, Advent 4 and Annunciation
Ludovico Balbi Ecclesiasticae Cantiones (Venice: Gardano, 1578) ed. Jeffrey Quic...


semper     Download  Report 

SemperDowlandsemperdolens fromLacrimaeorSeaventeares,1605 JohnDowland(1563-1626)...


Due to loss of use of hands I will be unable to transpose, arrange or otherwise ...     Download  Report 

Richard Kearns Arrangeur, Compositeur, Editeur, Professeur Irlande, Ballybofey, ...
A propos de l'artiste
Teachers and students may use my music and arrangements to study and practice wi...


lg-399535895526657794     Download  Report 

"Ave Maria" Jacob Arcadelt, ca. 1505 arr. Pierre-Louis Dietsch (1808-1865) Trans...


leadsheetsinnwc2     Download  Report 

CreatingLeadSheets with NoteworthyComposer2 This is a topicthat comes up everys...


Salva Regina     Download  Report 

Copyright © CPDL
R.L. Pearsall


Volte e Faça (mamboRumba) [at] (solano ventura)      Download  Report 

Teclado Clarinete Bb Sax. ,
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