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lg-417842879461165631     Download  Report 

You Raise Me Up Arranged for Full Band Words and Music by Rolf Lovland and Brend...


Rouse, Rouse from your Slumbers     Download  Report 

Trad. arr. Hugh Wallis


Smith-responses     Download  Report 

WilliamSmith (1603-1645) ThePreces Minister 1 7 2 7 www....


LaudateDominum     Download  Report 

LaudateDominum MixedChorus(SATB)acappella PraisetheLordfrom theheavens;praisehi...


lg-184764447524169562     Download  Report 

Someone Like You Adele Arr. Patrick Bois


Waiting on the Lord     Download  Report 

Charles Frederick Weigle, 1903
Source: Melodies of Praise (Springfield, Missouri: Gospel Publishing House, 1957...


Ao Querido Pai, parabénspelo aniversário!     Download  Report 

Zoltan Paulinyi Brasília, Novembro de 2002. Estréia: 26 12 2002, em BH. (Boda...
Duração1 :30
ALELUIA Adaptado do Salmo 150 1. Louvai a Deus no Templo, louvai as maravilhas, ...


lg-383707585067140841     Download  Report 

Brain damage MGUKI MGU choirs 2012 Roger Waters From "The dark side of the moon"...


Glória in Excélsis Deo!     Download  Report 

Daniel Léo Simpson SierraVista, Arizona March 20, 1975
Molto moderato q =90
rit. a tempo q =90 Copyright 2007 by Daniel Léo Simpson daniel [at]


lg-856189633672622727     Download  Report 

You raise me up Rolf Lovand & Brendan Graham Arrangement and extra verse: Alan B...

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